New Moon, New Start

Ahhh… a new moon. A fresh start to a new cycle. In the last year, I’ve really started to pay attention to the moon, its phases, and how my energy levels naturally relate to each. And I’ve begun the practice of setting New Moon intentions, by myself, and now, incorporating my family. I’ve gotten some questions on what it’s all about and how anyone can create this practice for themselves, so let’s dive in:

What’s a New Moon intention?

A New Moon is the time in a moon’s cycle when it’s fully in shadow, and dark. It appears there is no moon in the sky. It signifies new beginnings, and its low energy is a great time for inward reflection and goal setting.

What’s the difference between an “Intention” and a “Goal”?

An Intention starts with a core, desired feeling. And the Goals aligning with that feeling are action-oriented ways of reaching that ultimate Intended feeling. They are the steps we take. By reaching those goals, we ultimately feel our core, desired feeling, our intention.

Why start with a feeling?

After spending most of my life being goal oriented, striving to reach each goal I set for myself, I would find I’d reach said goal, but the feeling I would have once I got there fell flat. It didn’t meet expectations. It didn’t leave me feeling fulfilled. Instead, it left me reaching for more. Because maybe if I reached the next goal I would feel differently. This set in motion a constant state of striving for achievement instead of noticing and appreciating how I felt in the current moment. But if you can reverse engineer, that changes everything. By stating how you want to feel and then identifying smaller goals or steps you can take to make that feeling happen, you’re ensuring that you will feel the way you want to feel in life. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

How To Get Started:

I love to start by jotting down a few notes on the past month. Nothing long, but ask yourself: What went well? What didn’t? How did you feel? And then shift into what adjustments you’d like to make in the month ahead. Looking at what you didn’t like feeling last month, journal on what ideally you want to feel in the month ahead. (An example to get you thinking: Last month I felt stressed out and overwhelmed. Therefore, this month I’m setting the intention to feel calm and spacious.) Then list 3 steps or actions you can take to ensure you will feel this way. (It can also be actions you WON’T take… sometimes it’s just as impactful to stop an action that isn’t serving you as it is to start a new one that will.)

It’s great to read your intention out loud if you feel called to do so. I do this with my daughters, and we like going around in a circle and reading our intentions to each other by candle light. Giving your intention a voice can be very powerful. I know some women who sing their intentions, dance them, etc. Embrace however you’re called to express yourself, and HAVE FUN with it!

Then we release our intentions. By releasing it, you’re closing the ritual. You’re allowing the Universe to conspire to help you. There are several ways of doing this too. You can say a few words of release and burn the paper, spreading the ashes outside. (That’s what we usually do.) But you can also just flush it down the toilet if that’s what’s most convenient. To each their own  🙂

The idea is that you have this time each month when you can reflect on what’s working in your life… and what isn’t. It’s an opportunity to course correct while embracing the natural energy of the moon, giving your intention additional momentum. If you feel so called, give a try! I’d love to hear what you think and how you adapt this idea to make it your own! Leave me a comment below, and Happy New Moon everyone!


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