Humbling Moments

It was another frantic morning.

In my head, I had everything planned out and had even gotten up extra early, because I intended to get into work before the craziness of back-to-back meetings could begin. I needed the morning’s silence before the official start of the day to work through a few projects. But, as sometimes happens with getting kids ready for school and daycare, I just couldn’t make it happen, and left pretty much at my usual time.

On my drive into work, feeling flustered and annoyed, I look to my right and see the most incredible bright blue morning sky filled with wisps of clouds with the sun breaking out from behind them. At the edge of where the sun met the sky, there was a sliver of a rainbow from the humidity that was still hanging in the air after last night’s downpour. The potency of the reds and oranges of the Fall foliage in the background made it an extraordinary sight to behold.

And in that moment, it snapped everything back into perspective: We get to be apart of this massive universe of beauty. Such a small, small part, but part of it nonetheless. And I felt such immense gratitude in witnessing this moment of beauty in our everyday world that it literally brought tears to my eyes.

I’m so grateful for having enough awareness in that moment to notice that beautiful sky. Skies are ever-changing. If I had kept my eyes straight ahead, or looked up just a few moments later, I would have missed that particular sight. And it might sound cliché or trite, but I’m also so grateful for that moment of gratitude, and the impact it had on the rest of my day. It brought an underlying sense of quiet peace and humility to an otherwise insane day. It made me aware that I need to make it a point to open myself to finding, and allowing myself to experience, more of these moments. Moments when you realize the full reality of life in this universe. It’s not about the everyday hustle and bustle. It’s not about scrambling to pack school lunches or find my daughter’s library books right before she has to run for the school bus, or getting out the door right on time, or hitting sales plans. It’s about seeing our place in the universe for what it is. And being so grateful for the gift of getting to be here.

In this place.

At this time.

While we’re in a time of such pain and conflict in our country right now, I believe we were all chosen to be here, right now, and we have the capacity to change things. If we would all just slow down and reflect for a moment on the beauty that is all around us, we would see the potential and good that is in our life. We have to choose to look for it. It takes that moment of noticing and compassion that makes us humble and grateful. And when we come from a place of gratitude, anger and hatred aren’t possible. Gratitude can only foster love. From that place of love, we’re each capable of making a difference and moving the needle in the right direction. We have the ability to leave the world a better place than we found it. It won’t happen overnight, but every small action leaves an impact. Taking a moment to find gratitude for something in your life will change the way you view and interact with others for the rest of your day. I promise. And your actions and words impact others. It’s just a matter of how they will impact others.

This morning was one of those mornings where I could feel the energy of life, the universe, and love rising up all around. Such a simple moment, but it overwhelmed me. That is the beauty of life. That feeling is the whole damn point.