Dream Big Little One

Confession: I just completed my 2-year old’s nursery about a month ago. Better late than never, right? And she’s just at the age now that she’s just started to be interested in spending time other than sleeping in her room, so I’m telling myself I finished just in time (…not that I’m 2 years late).

However, when I finally completed Morgan’s room, of course Gavyn decided she wanted to overhaul hers and transform it into a “big girl room”. We talked about what things were important for her to incorporate into the space, what things she was willing to give away or put into storage. Down came her toddler princess mural, and we decided to create a little reading nook area and officially introduce an adult sized bed into her room. Teaming up with her to find things she wanted to decorate with was a blast. I loved completing this project together, and it made me realize how grown up she really has become.

I know everyone says how quickly time goes by as a parent. It does. It flies. And while every stage has been so wonderful and so fun, you can’t help but reminisce and miss the days when they relied on you for everything. But it’s also such an incredible blessing to be able to see who they become as you give them space to let them form their own views about the world around them.

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