Movement & Momentum

Committing to this journey to be more creative on a consistent basis, I have given myself what I’m calling the 2 Hour Challenge. Simply put, I will take 2 hours every week (usually on the weekend) to make something. It is my time to put my headphones on and create whatever my little heart desires in that moment.

In a quest of mine to document my children as they are right now, in this moment in time, I decided my first project was to take a photo of my youngest from a recent barbeque and turn it into a charcoal drawing. There’s something about the original photo that completely captures who she is: wild, independent, carefree, confident, (and a little sassy). At 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, I decided to just put in my headphones and work. I didn’t look at the clock, but decided I would work until I was tired enough to go to bed. I wasn’t sure how much I would get accomplished, but amazed myself by fully completing this sketch in 2 hours! It was so encouraging!

But more than the physical end result, I proved to myself that devoting just a small amount of focused time can leave me feeling accomplished, connected to myself, and in balance. As mothers, we often feel it’s too selfish to take time for ourselves. As a people pleaser (and a Cancer), it’s something I have struggled with since day one of motherhood. Guilt is just something that comes with the territory. But something else I’ve come to realize is that being out of balance doesn’t help anyone.

It’s funny what doing this little exercise this weekend did to my overall outlook and attitude. In the week that followed, I felt more at peace with myself, proud of my accomplishment, and looking forward to my next 2 hours of being intentionally creative.

I heard something interesting about momentum this week that I am finding to be very true. You can build up just as much momentum continually NOT doing an act as you can consistently performing an act. So, an easy example of this is the feeling you have each week that you don’t go to the gym building and building until there is so much momentum moving in the negative direction that is seems impossible to jump start the good habit again. But on the flip side, once you start doing something, it becomes easier and easier each time as the momentum builds on the positive side of the spectrum.

I’d love to hear from you – what are your thoughts on momentum? What has helped you to kick start that project you were dying to start? Once you started did you find it became easier to move forward as you consistently starting meeting your goals?

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